Introduction to Arlington VoIP Services

Introduction to Arlington VoIP Services

Introduction to Arlington VoIP Services


Arlington is one of the most well-known cities in Texas, located west of Dallas. One of the rising technologies in this city is VoIP. More and more businesses and individuals are searching for Arlington VoIP services on major search engines. This is due to the fact that VoIP is one of the most used communication solutions in the country. And that is because of several reasons that we will discuss in depth in this article.

A lot of businesses are offering Arlington VoIP services. As a business owner, you need to understand why VoIP? What makes it different from landlines and is it really better? We will tackle all these points in this article to make sure that you know your best options and why VoIP might be the best option for your business.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol, which means it is the transfer of packets of voice through the Internet. This is considered an upgrade on the traditional phone lines, where the voice used to travel through chords. With this upgrade comes a myriad of new features. But more importantly, the transfer of voice is now faster and the quality of the voice is clearer. Due to the high speed of the Internet, more and more businesses prefer using VoIP over traditional landlines. Moreover, because of the PSTN switch off, businesses are considering switching from traditional landlines to VoIP.

PSTN switch off means that the public switched telephone network is switching off for those of you who are not aware. This means that there will no longer be landlines. Which opens the field for more advanced communication technologies like VoIP. That’s why businesses are searching for Arlington VoIP services to make sure that they understand more about the service and how they can choose their best provider.

Why VoIP?

So what makes VoIP so special and why are there increasing searches for Arlington VoIP services in the area? VoIP is considered to be the future leading communication solution, as we discussed, . And the stats back this up: According to Foundjar, “Globally, 63% of the startups use a VoIP system. Another 24% of startups are planning to install VoIP systems.” This means that the whole world is going in the direction of VoIP so what are the main reasons for that?

VoIP is more cost-effective


More and more businesses are looking for Arlington VoIP services because VoIP is realistically cheaper than traditional landlines. That is due to the fact that the Internet is readily available in most parts of the world. In turn, making calls using the Internet is cheaper. You will find businesses that offer Arlington VoIP services charge differently. Some of them will charge you for the whole month a flat monthly fee per user regardless of your usage, and others will charge you fairly depending on your usage. Which means that you will only pay for what you use, nothing more, nothing less. That is the more fair way to charge since most businesses do not use the phone a lot and end up paying a high monthly fee that doesn’t justify the usage.

VoIP has more features: IVR


VoIP isn’t just the cheaper option; it also has much more features. With VoIP, you can activate the IVR (interactive voice response) or the auto attendant, which is a great feature if you have several departments. This feature enables you to direct the client to the right department based on the purpose of their calls. You can find most banks to have this feature where they give you multiple options to choose from. Ranging from 1 to 9 and 0 is usually pressed if you want to speak to a customer service representative.

Call Recordings

Another major feature of VoIP is call recording. This feature is very important for businesses that speak with clients over the phone a lot. It enables managers to be able to listen to and monitor calls for quality assurance purposes. This feature could be used in the training period for new employees to make sure that they follow a certain script or are doing their job correctly by saying what they are supposed to say.

Conference Calls


In addition, through VoIP, you can have conference calls. A feature that was not possible with old, traditional landlines. Conference calls mean that you can have more than two people on the call at the same time. This feature is very useful for conducting virtual meetings online. During the pandemic, this feature was the most used, as the majority of companies worked from home.

Call Queuing

Call queuing refers to the feature that allows you to have callers in a virtual queue when agents are busy on other calls. This proves to be very useful in businesses that receive a lot of calls, sometimes more than their capacity. If all agents are on call, the next caller is placed in a virtual queue. And whenever the agent finishes the call, the next person in line will be answered.

Schedule Vacations and a Customized Voice Message


When closing a business, it's preferable to proactively inform your client rather than having them call and receiving no answer eventually. With VoIP, you are able to pre-record a message and place it as the first thing a caller hears on certain days that you specify. That way, you can easily schedule your vacation days and, at the same time, keep your clients in the know that you’re off.

VoIP is Readily Accessible

When you search for Arlington VoIP services, you will find millions of search results because there are many businesses that offer VoIP. The service has been so demanded in the country that, with a few clicks online, you can set up your phone system while you are home or in your office. This gives businesses that use VoIP some peace of mind from all the hassle that involves setting up a new phone system. With that being said, there are some factors that you should consider when choosing your VoIP provider. You want to make sure that you ask these questions and evaluate your business needs so that you can get the best deal and the best service.

Wrapping Up

Many businesses are offering Arlington VoIP services. VoIP has been the go-to solution for most businesses in the country and that is because of its unique features. Including auto attendant, call conference, call recording, call queuing. and the ability to schedule vacations and pre-record a voice message to your clients on a certain date. Plus, VoIP is much more cost-effective and readily available with a few clicks from your laptop to setup. Tonet offers you a complete VoIP solution that will take care of all your communications needs for your business. Give it a try now!