Don't Use the Phone a lot? Pay as You Go VoIP is For You!

Don't Use the Phone a lot? Pay as You Go VoIP is For You!
Photo by Andre Taissin / Unsplash

Why Pay As You Go VoIP Might Be For You

Tonet was designed to give big communication features to small businesses using the pay as you go VoIP payment system.

We know that almost all VoIP companies charge upfront. Also, the majority of them lock certain features for higher plans. We at Tonet decided to go an alternative route for small businesses.

How Your VoIP Provider is Overcharging You


Other VoIP companies charge $30+ every month based on the assumption that users are on the phone for around 15 hours per month. We realized this is not the case for most businesses.

But think about it for a second. Does everyone in your office use the phone 15 hours a day?

Sure, the secretary is on the phone all day. But we ran an analysis across more than a thousand businesses in different industries. With various numbers of employees. Our findings were astonishing. The average user is on the phone for 6 to 8 hours per month. Yes, half that number!

Revolutionizing VoIP Billing: Tonet's Pay As You Go VoIP Model Saves Businesses Up to 50%


We at Tonet decided to develop a pay as you go VoIP model, where customers who only use the phone 8 hours per month can save up to 50% of their bill, and we know for a fact that the vast majority of businesses fit this category.

We also did not lock any “premium” features for the higher plans. Rather, we decided to have only one plan. We made sure that our clients utilized all our available features in a single plan.

So think again if you’re paying upfront for your VoIP services. Because most likely you’re being overcharged. You’re also not utilizing all the features that your provider has to offer. Not to mention that you are not using all the credit you’re paying.

While if sign up for our system. You will be charged only for what you use. You will also get a $3 free credit to try out our system!