Why VoIP Managed Services Should Be an Integral Part of Your Business

Why VoIP Managed Services Should Be an Integral Part of Your Business

The Technological Revolution and Its Manifestations


The 21st-century technological revolution changed the business game for good. From computers to VoIP Managed Services, the leap of the revolution took us to new heights, and it truly allowed us to live in wondrous times.

But that doesn’t mean that old-school tech is out of order, in fact, this technological revolution aided in the enhancement of these services. Take phones, for example, we all spend hours on hot summer evenings talking over the phone and not getting too far from the phone because of the “chord”. Nostalgic, I know.


Whereas now, people are calling each other with a tap of a button, wherever they might be..

A more technical illustration of how advancements in technology have improved the service is VoIP managed services.

What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol, which literally means that your voice will be transmitted to a destination using the internet. This is the normal evolution of your voice being transmitted over cables in the ground.

Why VoIP Managed Services?


Everything is done over the internet nowadays, and because of the efficiency and reliability of the system, everyone is walking around with a device that is able to connect to the internet in a matter of seconds. Given that we all use the internet for work purposes and use the phone for personal conversations, it makes financial sense to eliminate one of these two expenses if the other can do the job. In this scenario, making calls is readily accomplished through the internet.

What Are the Features of Having a VoIP System?


Auto attendant is that automated voice that automatically plays when you call a business, it allows you to build a brand image from the very second that your client calls, by greeting them with an auto-attendant and correctly directing them to the right party through a series of number selection until the client reaches their wanted destination.

Schedule Vacations

Christmas times are for family, and you don’t want your client to have to listen to that annoying ring until eventually, nobody answers them. So next time, you’re taking your family for a winter vacation, make sure that you have a pre-recorded message informing your clients that you are on holiday and will return on the date that you specify.

Group Your Employees

If your company has several departments, it would make sense that you would want to direct your clients to the right department. With VoIP service, you would be able to group your employees and set the auto-attendant to direct calls to each group using a certain number, for example, for sales, press 1, for customer service, press 2.

Call Queuing


After they are directed to the right department, what happens if all your representatives are busy? Busy tone? Nope! With the call queuing feature, you would be able to have your clients hold for a bit until one of your representatives finishes their call, and they would be automatically directed to them once they were available.

The Ability to Buy Unlimited Numbers

The accessibility of VoIP allowed its users to capitalize on a lot of functionalities, and one of the most important of those is the ability to buy unlimited numbers. If you do business over the phone and you have a large number of employees in a department and would like to purchase a unique phone number for each one, with VoIP it’s a piece of cake.

Sharing of a Single Phone Number

On the other hand, if you have a few employees in a department and they don’t really use the phone that much, you can always have them share a single phone number, and whoever is available will be able to take the call.

Call Recordings


Imagine this: you were talking to a very important client, and during the call, you drifted away to the land of daydreaming and missed an important piece of information that he said. We’ve all been there at least once! Well, with the call recording feature, you’ll be able to revisit the call once more and listen to what you missed.

Also, one of the cornerstones of quality assurance is the ability to monitor the performance of your team and give feedback for them to improve their calls, and that wouldn’t be possible without the feature of call recordings.

In Summary

If you’re a business in the USA, having a VoIP provider is no longer a luxury. The importance of having a phone system transcends the traditional use of making phone calls, but it facilitates and streamlines the process of doing business. It makes your business more professional, aids you in developing from within, and most importantly, saves you tons of money and time, with Tonet you will be able to get all the features mentioned in the article, and not just that, you won’t even be charged on a monthly basis, leveraging our pay as you go model, you will instead you will only pay for what use. Sign up now!